Engagement history

Since 2015, Origin has been subject to continuous high profile public engagements, including shareholder resolutions, brought by civil society groups ACCR and Market Forces. The Australian pension funds Australian Super, which owns 8% of the company, and Aware Super, which engages including on behalf of the CA100+ network, are especially influential. The Australian-based utility has been subject to little climate-related regulatory pressure. Investor-linked engagement is strongly associated with the company setting a coal phase-out date, net-zero targets, its 2017 scenario analysis, and the auditing of its trade associations’ political lobbying activities. Existing engagements have not succeeded in making the company bring forward its 2032 coal closure date (which Carbon Tracker states is misaligned with the Paris Agreement), publish a science-based business model transition plan, and fully account for scope 3 emissions in its analysis.