Our offering 
We are modeling how investors can use universal ownership theory and its financial logic to help investors justify real-world impact 
A financial model for universal ownership
We intend to build a cost-benefit model to establish whether a given GHG-intensive project is in the investors’ net interest, contributing to the future value of the universal owner’s portfolio. Do the benefits derived from the project exceed the costs of its emissions reinternalized into the investors’ portfolio over time? Where it does not, the investor has a powerful interest in bringing it to a halt. Therefore, this cost-benefit model would have the potential to analytically demonstrate to investors that it is in their enlightened self-interest to take action on climate change.
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We will be building this model through 2022 to take to market in 2023
Assessing investor impact
We have developed a robust process to assess when and how investors have real-world impact. Our offering is to independently verify investors' impact claims.